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Autumn Forms 2020

Sustained and daring shapes for your seasonal makeover.

Your controlled transformation begins now with the INFINIMENT, KARD or BLACK ONE cure.


Creator of Shapes since 2012, our laboratories allow you to transform yourself naturally while controlling your progress.
In addition to private clients, and personalities from all over the world we are opening 40 places just for you so that you can transform yourself.
Let yourself be carried away ...

B U T T O C K S _45
B R E A S T S _23
F A C E _18
H I P S _19

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Love glory and beauty

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Natural transformation

For a natural transformation, you can benefit from natural products 100% from organic farming, for your transformation of Shape and Spirit.


We have a team of professionals who will be dedicated to you until you reach your Fitness goal. Follow-up by phone or on site *


Your body will have no choice but to transform. We have set the bar much higher than giving you a simple result. The challenge will be for us to lead you to your personal goal. And we're getting there at 87.8%


For private customers, we take care of you from start to finish. You meet other personalities from all over the world who like you want to transform. We guarantee anonymity and discretion, just like our brand.