And That Is Me!


    CHEZBelette is going to make your unique portrait.
    Get your contemporary work of art.


    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit

    Totally surrealist, CHEZBelette innovates in the art of portrait.

    From an edifying concept for a surprising result, “And that is me” will offer you your portrait in a way you have never seen it.
    Are you a pen, a coffee machine, or a garbage can? Chezbelette will study your history to its last details to analyse and design you.

    “And that is me” is an ideal product when you are going through a moment of loneliness, to help you understand who you really are.
    Personal, or with your family, or to offer, this product will delight you and will give you moments of joy and laughter, but also of self questioning.
    “That is me” was elaborated by the greatest portrait specialists.
    A true reflexion is lead over a few days to offer you your most beautiful portrait.

    Your object portrait in the shape of an artist photo.
    Meeting report.


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