The CHEZBelette lab innovates, and prolong your life.


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    Several years of research, and effective lobbying, implemented since 2005 have led to the adoption of the law on end of life, adopted by the senators.

    CHEZBelette offers you a useful death, turning your body into a fine dust by a unique process, combining combustion and addition.
    Your body turned into poussièrine® is inserted into an ashtray in your name, allowing smokers to put out a cigarette.

     An extension of your life
     A useful life
     A system regulated by law

    CHEZBelette designs, manufactures and markets its system to transform your body poussièrine® Your new life form will allow, smokers to stop smoking, by simply crushing the cigarette in your poussièrine.

    USE : 
    During lively evening in the meeting room, outside nightclubs, you can make yourself useful and change the lives of thousands of smokers.
    Become Ashtray, is not this the dream of an entire generation?

    Contract processing authorization to your death.
    Transforming your body poussièrine®
    Removing the poussièrine® in an ashtray in your name
    Distributing your ashtray into a location you choose (surcharge)


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