Automatically Human Love Letter

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    There is nothing more beautiful to offer than a love letter to one’s sweetheart, and there is nothing more beautiful to offer than a true work of art.


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    CHEZBelette’s researchers have perfected a new process of manufacturing love letters.
    An encounter between man and cutting-edge technologies, the automatic love letter.
    Sincere, of a rare expressive beauty, the automatic love letter is the most enigmatic work of art of our century.
    Beyond appearances this love letter in not only that, it is a true work of art delivered with its authentication certificate.
    Each letter is unique and written by professional literary people, according to the criteria you chose.

    Receive your letter by mail within 48 hours.
    Ideal for a declaration, anonymously or not, this letter will allow your love to be sealed.
    Can also be used for an all-out break-up, and serve as an incriminating evidence in front of a court.

    One-page letter written by a professional.


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