Bag for Bags

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    We no longer present the Bag for Bags. When art meets luxury, the cocktail is astonishing.
    This bag wraps your bag for still more luxury.


    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit

    When CHEZBelette gets involved with the world of luxury, he does not do it frivolously. Adapted from Louis Vuitton’s universe, CHEZBelette completes this bag, and goes one step up the luxury ladder. Elegant and with a sober design, its polyethylene material obtained by polymerization offers the greatest chic.
    Supple and strong, the Bag for Bags is wide enough to slip your bag in it.

    At evening parties only, this bag for bags allows you not to reveal anything, to create amazement and wonder.
    Adapted to the shape of all Louis Vuitton bags.

    Dimensions : standard
    Materials : inside out cow leather or polyethelene.


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