BIP recognition


    The CHEZBelette laboratories have established BIP for you to ring your finest hour 


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    BIP is the first immediate recognition system. Scope out your hat or head covering, this alarm allows you irresistibly attract all eyes towards you, every time you step inside a store equipped.

     Existing system in more than 500 million shopping.
     No commitment to a totally free service
     A significant improvement in your well being and that of others.

    BIP is a fully autonomous system, that does not need to be recharged.
    The perfectly round, makes it an exceptional piece of jewelry to wear on your hat or other head covering.
    Easy to install, it definitely clips.

    USE :
    In the street to impress, in department stores to attract the crowd, BIP will make you famous and will bring you recognition.
    The leader is you.

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