Be optimal for fattening buttocks and other cures.

Published : 09/10/2019 - Categories : c h e z e l e t t e - transformation guide

Using natural products requires rigor, linked to the nature of the product itself. You do not control the body, as is the case with chemicals. So you have to adapt

One of the most important things is to take the suppositories upside down. It may seem odd to you, but the reason is technical. By introducing the suppository on the flat side, your muscles will press on the rounded side and propel the suppository as deep as possible. The heat is more intense and the number of receivers too. The product thus "released" is effectively

Yes we can help you transform positively and for that we will need you.

 The second thing is to be steady in the grip. The more regular you are, the better the cure will be. Each suppository you take is like a mini cure that you do. So, when you start taking suppositories at 18hOO do not take them after 18h10 nor ... before 17h50!

 The third thing, and always to maintain this regularity, do not exceed 15 days between two courses if you want the maximum effect in a very short time.

It does not matter if you go over 15 days, but your cure will not be optimal and you may lose the benefit of your previous cure. Thus we will always recommend, in case you are out of time, to do a cure "optimization".

Statistically last year on a sample of 1000 customers, those being out of time have lost 1.3 cm on the next cure compared to others.

 The last thing is to read the manual. Do not be fooled by what your friend will tell you, or what you can read on the internet because most cures are custom made what we recommend in your leaflet is only for you and maybe different from what we could recommend for another.

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