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Published : 10/14/2019 - Categories : c h e z e l e t t e - transformation guide

Grégoire FALQUE:

"Wearing a suppository c h e z b e t t e, is like wearing a couture dress, made to measure.

A suppository will beautify you and transform you by acting from within.

Like all high-fashion houses, our house relies on precision mechanics, and on the pursuit of updated beauty of the body.

The products are natural and from organic farming not to constrain the body artificially. The fragility of the products makes it an exceptional work that everyone can not wear. There are rules, in the making.

Creating a collection is based on two pillars. The search for an adapted, measurable and quantifiable biological response with a desired end result and the search for a form of beauty in response to society.

We researchers start by drawing the physical form of the woman, relying on her statistics. Buttocks, chest size, hair length, everything is reviewed, then work in the laboratory on the adapted biological response.

c h e z b e l t t e. will create the future shape of your body and your mind set.


Collections evolve. Sometimes deleted because more topical, sometimes completed.

When we created the fashion of generous buttocks, first in the United States, Canada and then in Europe, it was by fine analysis of socio-demographic data. This fashion we tested it with the personalities, and the result was immediate. Ten years ago, a search on Google with the keywords "fattening buttocks" only resulted in our collection. It's to give you the scale of the phenomenon.

In 2008 we estimated that 6.5 cm of additional volume was the reference. We have estimated it to 7.8 cm since.


Our job is to create tailor-made collections to dress and release you. "