Make a report progress c h e z b e l e t t e .

Published : 09/10/2019 - Categories : c h e z e l e t t e - transformation guide

No progress reports are not made to annoy you, but to accompany you during all your treatment.

The more complex your body is, the more balance is needed

The use of natural products involves significant transformation risks to control, unlike the chemicals that constrain the body and are unnatural. It is because you use natural products that we must follow you.

Report Progress can be done for free (it will always be) and for all treatments.

If your cure can be adapted (special authorizations, KARD, INFINIMENT, FUSION) the interest is multiple.

Your cure will be adapted for you.

This means that the labs will look at several things. Your morphology, your lifestyle (diet, sport ...) Your complexity and whether your cure was made optimally or not.

In view of what you communicate to us, the dosage of your cure will be increased and adapted. You will thus benefit from the cure best adapted to a moment T.

 An assessment is done at the end of each cure and never at the beginning. The first cure that you will do is described as generic. It's the same for everyone. This is important because it allows us to adjust your treatment during the assessment according to your results. In other words, we know what levers of action to use to transform you as efficiently as possible.

(we have enough statistical data to be able to do this)

Now if your cure is not adaptable (BLACK ONE, PS4, MASK RECOGNITION ...) the laboratories will just increase the dosage of the generic, without adapting it to your morphology.

On the other hand, it will allow you to evaluate your progress.

  The balance sheet will also allow you to know your potential to transform you. You will be categorized into three groups, Green, Orange and Red.

The more your color tends towards the red, the more the laboratories are likely to ask you to modify certain things in your lifestyle. For example if you are red, and you smoke, we might ask you to stop.

On the other hand if you are green, and you smoke, the impact of the cigarette will not be considered as impacting.

In addition to the potential, we measure the impact factor that a non-optimal cure may have on your results.