Trigger his volume a great bonus.

Published : 10/24/2019 - Categories : c h e z e l e t t e - transformation guide

You want to fat buttocks or lose belly, the trigger of your volume concerns you.

When you make a cure c h e z b e l e t t e. there are three important moments. By respecting them you will reach your goal more quickly.

The first begins with the dosage you receive. You will be using natural products, and your transformation will also be natural. Your body will not be constrained, as it can be when you use chemicals. This is why we are going to need you, as a team effort.

Trigger your volume

At first we will ask you to do your cure in an optimal way, nothing more.

In a second step, we will ask you to carry out an assessment, which allows the laboratories to follow your transformation.

Thirdly, we will ask you to trigger your volume. Without triggering your cure is not complete. The trigger allows you to stabilize your volume over time without the risk of losing but also significantly increase your volume.

What is a trigger?
It is a small suppository that is tailor-made.

What is the trigger for?
It is used to complete a current assay.

Is it important to take it?
Yes. It can represent up to 50% of your dosage.

Is it mandatory?
Yes it is not mandatory and recommended to reach your goal

Does it cover all collections?
Yes, it concerns all collections

What happens if I do not take a trigger?
You decrease your result.

Should I take a trigger if I achieved my goal?
Yes. In all cases you must always finish your dosage with a trigger because it will act retroactively.

What will a trigger do?
It will trigger the final volume of your cure by over 9%. So if you have taken 3cm of volume it will increase your volume by 0.27 mm minimum. It can even sometimes unlock a volume.

Why the trigger is not provided directly in the cure?
The trigger is tailor-made. Laboratories can not know in advance how your cure was done.

 Can I order a trigger?
Yes. It is automatically provided in your higher dosage.
If you do not renew by your dosage you can order it alone, to finish your dosage.

Do I have to do a checkup before?
We will always recommend you to take stock.
However, if you do not want to take stock you can declare your mistakes without taking stock.