What cure to grow buttocks?

Published : 09/10/2019 - Categories : c h e z e l e t t e - transformation guide

The first question you need to ask yourself is to estimate the volume you would like to obtain.

We will talk about additional centimeters.

For you, this amounts to determining how many more centimeters you would like to have.

This step is important because cures are categorized according to your goal.

Each cure is the most effective in its category. If your goal is to take 1 cm, the most effective cure to reach 1 cm is the VITAL'S PLUS cure.

If your wish is to take 8 cm, the most effective cure will be the INFINIMENT cure or the KARD.

This must be understood, because to the question "what is the most effective cure" the only answer is what is your goal?

To help you consider that taking a little volume is 1cm, and take the most volume possible is a goal greater than 5cm.

The personalities with whom we have worked and those with whom we work in tailor-made, systematically wish large volumes, and therefore greater than 5cm.

Once the estimated volume, you can easily deduce the corresponding cure.

The second question to ask is when to do the cure? Is there a good time?

Overall no, there is not a better time than another. On the other hand, if you want to go on a diet, it is better to do the cure after your diet if you want a little volume, but at the same time as your diet if you want a large volume. In other words if you go on a diet and you want to do the INFINITE cure or cure KARD, it is better to do it at the same time as your diet because these two treatments are the only two to be made almost custom-made and you can tell labs that you are going on a diet.

To take into account your budget.

81% of customers reach their goals. If your budget does not allow to make the cure corresponding to your goal, we will always recommend you to postpone your purchase, even if you want to save to do it in good conditions.

Very often we see clients who choose according to their budgets and not their goal, and find themselves doing an ineffective cure for their purpose.

If your goal is 4 cm and your budget does not allow you to offer the BLACK ONE, do not win on the BLUE ONE because you can make three cures, it is done to make you take 1cm and not more.

Attempts at the limit are possible, but statistically not recommended.

You might consider that taking a cure that is higher than your goal will allow you to reach it faster. If your goal is 4 cm with the BLACK ONE, taking the KARD cure will allow you to reach it faster.

This very correct reasoning is statistically wrong. Indeed each cure is effective with regard to the objective. They were technically thought like that. In addition our laboratories reason in three cures, and never in one.

Nevertheless, if you try this attempt to the limit, you will have a 12% chance of getting a faster result.

We do not recommend that.