What diet to grow buttocks?

Published : 10/19/2019 - Categories : c h e z e l e t t e - transformation guide

How to adapt your diet to fatten buttocks.

Diet is at the heart of success if you want to transform your body.

When you do a cure, without knowing it you will supplement your diet by using intracorporeal supplements in the form of suppositories.

This is why the result is systematic and mechanical.

However, there are certain types of diet that are counterproductive.

If you use the Kard or Infiniment collection, the laboratories will be able to adapt the dosage according to your diet.

This is certainly an undeniable advantage but for other collections, whose dosage is not adaptive.

You will be able to maximize your volume by avoiding a type of diet.

Just as some sports are to avoid if you want to fatten buttocks, there are foods that can block the volume if you do not have a varied diet.

If you favor a type of diet you will develop only muscle, at the expense of volume.

The search for a large volume requires taking both muscle and fat.

It is a wise dosage that is the beauty of the woman.

Indoor sports or squats will give you a limited amount of muscle, sometimes even diminished buttocks if you are very dry which is absolutely not the criteria of beauty c h e z b e l t t e, which favors harmony.

Adapting your diet is starting to have a rich and varied diet.


Foods to moderate.

We follow all our customers. Among them, personalities make monodiètes thinking to promote the volume increase.

By analyzing the results we are able to list the foods that only favor muscle gain only, at the expense of volume.

Mono-food diet is to be discouraged, as is an exclusive diet based on the following foods:

Spinach. They can be advised sports professionals because they contain a lot of silicon. This one contributes to the development of the muscular mass and will be beneficial if you seek muscular power, however, it does not contribute to a harmonious taking of volume.

which requires a homogeneous development between the fat and the muscle, and not one to the detriment of the other.

 The cucumber is also misplaced unless you peel it because it is in the skin that are factors that enrich the muscle only, at the expense of a homogeneous relationship.

Red pepper and soy, are also to be discarded because they promote the development of muscle mass only.

Lean meats such as high protein chicken and turkey should be avoided.

White meats do not favor dry muscle, but no beautiful, harmonious buttocks that combine muscle and fat.

Cheeses and yogurts are particularly rich in amino acids that help develop muscle. Ricotta is known to help increase muscle mass. They are therefore to be proscribed in a mono type regime.

pineapple. The collagen that comes from vitamin C contained in the fruit helps considerably in the development of muscles. Dried fruits such as walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts are also very rich in proteins and forbidden.

Summaries of the main foods that only take you muscle at the expense of the volume of the buttocks.

Vegetables Spinach, cucumber, lentil, chickpea, white bean

Proteins White meat,

Milk product Yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta