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    Caution: This is not a medicine and should not be used as such.

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    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit

    The suppository washing powder is the  funny title found for one of the most emblematic products of the Artistic world.
    Adulated by actors, singers, politicians, this work will awake your insides.
    The ingredients which make up this product not only come from organic agriculture, but also answer our strictest manufacturing quality requirements.


    CHEZBelette conceives, manufactures and markets its suppository washing powder for nappies.
    This washing powder allows you to wash the food transformed by the digestive system.
    The residues are then cleanly expelled in the nappies. Thanks to that your nappies always stay clean.

    All the suppositories are manufactured only with natural products, harmless for the body.
    We use products from organic agriculture.
    The Blue One collection contains 170 plants to insure a perfect result even at 37°.

    Delivered in a box of 12 suppositories for a more efficient treatment 
    One suppository a day for 6 days.  Break of 12 days between each boxes.
    To be renewed one month later.


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    Très bien !

    J'ai fait cette cure pour tester , et je suis voilà, c'est fait. Rien à dire. J'ai pris mon centimètre mais je n'aivais pas compris que j'étais limité à trois cures. Donc en espérant que mon message va vous aider, ne faite pas comme moi, commencer tout de suite avec la cure qui correspond à ce que vous souhaitez.

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