Bonhomme de Neige - Préservez votre Bonhomme de neige

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    CHEZBelette innovates and now allows you to preserve your Snowman from the inevitable seasonal melting.
    Full board or half board


    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit

    CHEZBelette welcome your Snowman to his Snowman Conservation Center, 30 kilometers from Geneva, in a magical setting far from any atmospheric pollution Engineers package your Snowman in refrigerated boxes. The Snowmen are under constant surveillance, to allow them to travel at -30 ° until the winter season.

    A refrigerated box can accommodate your snowman for 6 months. A monitoring system ensures an optimal temperature, a ventilated cold and homogeneous. The 7-day waking period is a phase transition during which snowmen are prepared before recovery.

    USE :
    For all the family without exception, the Snowman Preservation Center ensures your children an extended and guaranteed life. Find your Snowman when you want during the winter season.

    Freezer box of 190x80x90


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