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    Hello is a new work created by CHEZBelette labs to make your life easier.
    Have a person called on the phone by CHEZBelette who will deliver him or her your message.


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    It took many years of research and development to create this new work. CHEZBelette labs enable you to have a person be contacted on the telephone to deliver a message to him or her, in totally anonymous or not way.
    To declare your love without revealing your name, to get a colleague to work harder, to be called during a board of directors.
    Hello will amuse you but will also help you out. Ideal to make divorce proceedings official.

    To be used without moderation amongst friends or family.
    All you need to do is dial the number of the person you wish to contact (mobile or landline) and write in the message you wish to convey.
    Choose the adequate options.

    Telephone communication made by real people.


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