Bring out the garbage


    An exceptional work created by the CHEZBelette labs, the Garbage Can to Be Emptied has been conceived to be emptied.
    The garbage can contains all that anonymous people and well-known figures want to throw away.


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    This garbage can is full of papers “to be thrown away”.
    The balls of paper it contains have been thrown away by anonymous people and by well-known figures. Each ball of paper contains what the person wanted to throw away.
    All you need to do is to empty it when you wish to do so. Specially conceived so that you wouldn’t worry anymore about the elements to be thrown away and to ease your everyday life, this garbage can benefits from a wide opening which allows you to let the balls fall with a disconcerting fluidity.
    Its large rims are perfectly adapted to the human hand.

    USE :
    In rainy weather, when you are close inside and your friend, lover or husband is getting on your nerves, ask him to empty your garbage can.
    For him, it’s the moment to prove that he can do it, while allowing him to read discreetly the content of each ball, to get a little bit closer to the woman.

    Each ball of paper comes from organic agriculture. The paper has been recycled.
    Messages from net surfers are written on each ball. (linked to the product “to be thrown away”).Dimensions : H60x30L x30D


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