Broadcast a Message in the Universe

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    Leave your mark and influence the Universe

    c h e b e le t t e. invites you to enter the universe and prolong your existence by giving you the opportunity to spread a message in the Universe.

      Compose your message and send it to the universe.

    ✧ To prolong your existence

    ✧ Broadcast by radio wave



    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit

    From your house, complete the online form stating the content of your message

     Your message broadcast by radio waves in the Universe
     Recess certificate and photo of your message
     Do ask a memorial plaque at the place or the message was broadcast

    "It's very poetic, imagining that my message sailed in space is prodigious - Amandine Lassource"

      "It's just great I offered a message of love to my wife and she received the photo of the memorial plaque - Pierre Lefevre"

      "It should have existed for a long time, thank you for everything - Amina Zaoulie"

    Discover this original work created by CHEZBelette laboratories.
    CHEZBelette provides you with the most advanced technologies so that you are able to send a message in the Universe from your house.
    With more than 1600 messages already sent, Message in the Universe is a monumental work.
    Your message will propagate by radio wave for eternity.

    To mark the Universe with your signature, to communicate a message to the hereafter or simply to tag the universe with your words, this work will accompany you your whole life through, and even beyond.
    We broadcast your message for you, from one place of the earth, chosen by chance (from the top of a mountain, in town, at the sea, or in some woods) by using the latest technologies as regard radio broadcasting.
    As well as the broadcasted message, we mark with a red plate the spot where your message has been broadcasted. You will receive the picture of the plate as well as the GPS coordinates.

    Dimensions : infinite
    Materials : red plate in resin, message in the form of a radio wave, certificate and photo in paper.


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