Carrot Powder

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    Preparation based on carrot from agriculture powder.


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    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit

    Very rich in beta-carotene and in provitamins A, this carrot powder will soften your skin and your heart.
    Your skin will become slightly tanned and your heart more performing.

    To be incorporated to one’s beauty cares: scrubs, masks, macerates, shower gel, milks...
    The carrot powder is an old grandma recipe revisited by CHEZBelette.
    Already prepared, the powder is mixed with pure spring water to obtain an unctuous and light cream to brightenyour face and invigorate you love.
    To be applied on the face and/or the heart.

    Dimensions : L100mm x w100mm
    Capacity : 25ml box
    Materials : carrots from agriculture.


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