Chinese Lighter with its Storage Box

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    Get back to the full feeling Mister Wu had, when for the first time he turned his lighter on to celebrate his daughter’s birth.
    This lighter will remain your favorite tool forever.


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    This lighter is the first reedition since 1844. It is composed of a wooden rod, the extremity of which is covered by antimony sulfur, by manganese dioxide and by potassium chlorate.
    The lighter is furnished with a special scraper, to make turning the wooden rod on easier.

    The Chinese lighter slips easily into all your pockets and will follow you in all your adventures.
    Around a barbecue, for the event of a candleless birthday, the celebration of a love, the Chinese lighter will always be with you.
    For single use, this wooden stem will enlighten your moments of glory with passion and love.
    As a gift, this lighter will marvellously symbolize a birth.

    Dimensions : L3 x D1 x W5


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