Cleaning Finger Brush and its Cleaning Spray


    Finger cleaning brush, ideal under any circumstance.


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    The shape of this cleaning brush will certainly not leave anyone indifferent. A pure shape, transparent, inspired by the most beautiful objects of the 21st century.
    The transparence will keep your finger visible, which will give it a different tint according to the seasons. Darker in the summer, the cleaning kit will become lighter in the winter.
    Its resistant material will provide it with a yet unequaled lifespan.

    Fasten your brush on your middle finger, and deeply clean out the ingrained spots.
    At the office, on the computer keyboards, as well as in public transport, the finger brush will offer you a life of cleanliness.
    The spray will make it possible for you to wash your cleaning kit.

    Dimensions : 4 cms (size of a thimble)
    Materials : transparent VOC free plastic


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