Bigger buttocks

The transformation of our body requires a strict framework in order to optimize the process. A c h e z b e l e t e cure is not limited to taking suppositories only, but the establishment of teamwork. When you make the decision to change your body, out of shame, by seeking a form of clean beauty, or because you are fed up with your body, the use of natural products are a real alternative to any other method of weight gain. .

Since- 1970
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Volume enhancement

Three beautiful collections, to allow you to take a maximum of between 1 cm to 2 cm depending on the treatments.

Ideal for reinforcing an existing volume. The cures last 10 days.

Small volume

Three collections to take a small volume, up to 2 cm maximum, including the Nabille for athletes. The cures last 10 days.

Average volume

Three admirable cures to make you reach an average volume, up to 4.5 cm for the Black One cure.

The cures last between 15 days and 20 days depending on your choice.

The BLack One offers you a progressive dosage.

Large volume

The highlight of the show, two cures made to make you take a significant volume, and always with natural products and without danger for the body. Real alternative, these two cures allow you to take 6 cm for the Kard and a goal to set for the infinitely cure.

A cure lasts 20 days


Three cures that complement your main cure, C4 to boost volume and avoid losing it during a slimming diet, muscle pot to work on the shape of the buttocks, and C7, pure Fenugreek.

The essential

Indispensable to complete your dosage, the trigger is a suppository to be taken at the end, necessarily. It keeps your volume up and triggers the residual volume that you would not have taken.