Statistics and Customer Results

A simple number is preferable to a long speech. The company makes it a point of honor to provide you with as much information as possible related to the results seen and measured by our customers. Doing this is a guarantee of quality and trust and also of continuous improvement.

Our customers

Average age
Ggoal achieved
Clients who achieved their goals 87.7%
Clients who made errors in treatment
Errors of cure 67%
Abandonment before reaching the goal
Number of cures done (avg)
Average duration of treatment (months)
% client in multi-treatment
Private client currently undergoing treatment
Client Public en cours de cure actuellement

Body resistance

The IONESCO resistance index; allows us to measure a body's capacity to resist transformation. Ile is valued at the end of the balance sheet. The more the profile is red, the more the body resists and the greater the probability of making a high number of treatments.

Percentage of green customers
No resistance 70%
Percentage of orange customers
Percentage of red customers

Customer Reviews and Experiences

We publish General Public customer remarks to raise awareness of the fact that for customers everything does not always go as they wish, despite the fact that we follow all customers. We know that in three successive cures, your success rate reaches 87.7%. These cases must allow you not to make the same mistakes, and us, to improve ourselves in the protocols put in place.

Last published failure situation

"I did 3 cures and I spent more than 1000 euros for nothing, without any results. I started with the black one, then I did two cures infinitely, without any results. It's a scam this thing. "
Aline D.
3 days ago


The client has an ORANGE profile. She did three cures, a black one and two cures infinitely. The total volume gain is 2.5cm for a 15cm lens. For this objective Aline should have started with the INFINIMENT treatment first. Aline should have triggered her volume at the end of each dose. She should have reduced the time between the last two treatments and brought them back to 15 days instead of 6 months. Aline has given up, her cure is not complete. Something we can understand. He is missing at least 2 cures to reach his goal.
Abandonment before target achievement
Concepteur web 12%

Customer experience counted as a customer who did not reach his goal and gave up during treatment.

Latest Success Story published

"A big thank you to all of you because you have changed my life, both morally and physically. The start was tough but your products are amazing, I didn't think that with plants the body could too react well. "
Chris L.
Il y a 1 jour


Cris wanted to transform his chest and buttocks at the same time. She did 3 cures of PS2 for the breasts. dosage ONE, dosage TWO and dosage OPTIMIZED following an error. She did not achieve her goal, however, declares to have an unexpected result. Chris should have continued with a course of PS2 dosage THREE. For the buttocks she did three successively well-done KARD cures to reach her goal of 8 cm. She respected the times of taking, made her check-ups and took the triggers well.
Goal achieved ; 87.7%
Concepteur web 87.7%

Customer experience counted as a customer having reached his objective and having made three successive cures without errors.


Best results

Natural products, without possible side effects or possible allergies for the best results on the market.

Best customer service

We put in place a quality customer service, to follow you and help you.

Sustainable result

You keep your new shape. The result is permanent.


All our clients are anonymous, and our media footprint on the internet is controlled to avoid journalistic investigations by the press people.