The dosage of cures


Start with Dosage N° 1

When you start a treatment you must start with dosage 1. Some treatments do not have a progressive dosage system, in this case the dosage will be N ° 1 by default.

Dosage No. 3 is more dosed than dosage No. 2 which is more dosed than dosage No. 1.

Increase your dose gradually

You will be limited to a maximum of 3 dosages. If you haven't reached your goal at the end of a dosage, you will upgrade to a higher dosage. An optimized cure is an overdose cure in order to correct an error.

The Protocloe is as follows.

Non-optimal treatment

A non-optimal cure is a cure that includes errors in taking, or delays. In this case, a protocol has been put in place to correct the errors by using an optimized dosage.

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