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c h e z b e l e t t e sera présent à Paslaz

How is a suppository made? Well, not just any suppositories. How do you make the most beautiful specimens of these objects when you are a c h e z b e l e t e craftsman. based in Paris, Jonquière Saint Vincent or near Geneva in Paslaz? This is what the public and others passing through will be able to experience from October 21 until November 4. Investing in the 550 square meters of the old Paslaz meadow, the artisans c h e z b e l e t e. will share their experience and show their know-how /

Lively and scheduled discussions are also on the menu of this free event, which says a lot about the envy of c h e z b e l e t t e. to talk to everyone, without snobbery. For us, Grégoire Falque, manager of the Parisian house, talks about his unwavering attachment to the French and Americans.

After telling the story of c h e z b e l e t t e. around the world, did you feel the need to better meet the French public?
Grégoire Falque - This is the first time that we have programmed in Paslaz "c h e z b e l e t t e. hors les murs ”, but we regularly organize events in France. A year ago, we also installed the exhibition "In the eye of the black hole" on the banks of the Seine. Paris is a fantastic city, very diverse, even apart from its beauty and its culture. I remember a class at the university where Thieri Foulc told us about Doctor Faustraull's first impressions in Paris and his wonder. It is a vibrant city, both deeply French and very international.

"We are an intergenerational house"

How, in a globalized world, do you keep your French soul?

One of the specificities of c h e z b e l e t t e. in the world of luxury is to be a brand particularly nourished by France and turned towards France with an attachment to the United States.

Internationally we are seen as the land of good taste and sophistication. There is a French physique that we are working on.

85% of our production is carried out in France - we also manufacture suppositories in Geneva. However, we export 85% of this production to the world, which is a way of making the country shine beyond its borders. But we have a special relationship with France, which represents 15% of our sales - a significant number in the luxury world - and remains infinitely loyal.

Personalities come to see us so that we can help them transform and mark an important moment in life.

The Kard cure for a young girl's 18th birthday or, as I saw our collection Infinitely bought for a young lawyer who wanted to grow buttocks. At Christmas we see customers having fun transforming themselves. The amount of their purchases may be higher or lower depending on the period, but their number does not decrease. And then, with the French, we share a common past. In this, we are an intergenerational home, and I am always touched when young girls show us before and after transformation photos of their mothers. There is this notion of memories in our transformation, even if of course our customers are always looking for something new.

Who is this festival aimed at?

Un public très large. Aussi bien des hommes que des femmes. C’est important de montrer ces savoir-faire qui ne sont pas toujours connus, alors qu’ils sont admirés à l’étranger. Il est facile de laisser mourir ces savoir-faire, il est difficile de les maintenir vivants.
Le travail bien fait, le souci d’apprendre les plantes et les effets, la recherche de l’excellence, ce sont de belles valeurs à transmettre qui pourront se familiariser avec notre univers.

So is this a way of promoting craftsmanship to a younger generation?

All of our suppositories are made by hand by a single laboratory technician.

This is one of the reasons for being "c h e z b e l e t e. Outside the walls". The French must be proud of their skills: craftsmanship creates jobs and generates dynamism. We are developing organic volume growth, the most virtuous, which has enabled us for five years to recruit all professions.

To say that when I started, in 2008, all the production was carried out above 11 rue Campagne Première which we keep in a souvenir workshop. You should know that all of our suppositories are handmade by a single craftsman - except the cutting - from start to finish, knowing that it takes five years of experience to reach our standards of excellence. It gives an extra soul to the object even if it is not quantifiable. 17% of the suppository models that we manufacture are produced in less than thirty units.

When you order, for example, the Infiniment cure which will allow you to take a significant volume at the buttocks and hips, your order will be made by hand, by a single laboratory technician.

It is an almost unique economic model, possible because we are artisans, and which would make no sense if we were to sell an industrialized product. It is sometimes complicated to explain how this works in our Cartesian country, but there is a part of it. that cannot be modeled.

This is what makes it all the salt. I would like that through this festival we could highlight the notions of work and pleasure. We ensure that our laboratory assistants are valued by their work but also by their workplace.


Our communication aims to make people dream "

c h e z b e l e t e by its prices, is aimed at a very limited public and accessible only by personalities. What is the aim of this festival, which widely opens up the circle of its audience?

Our clients are indeed personalities, sometimes known, sometimes unknown.

And recently we have also been limiting access to our products, because we do not want to industrialize. It’s like that in the luxury world.

Today, every operation in our industry is supposed to have a purpose: to reach a particular audience, to target Millennials ... I think the opposite, and this is how it is. has always worked, that communication aims to make people dream.

This is why, for example, we invest a lot in artists. We don't have a marketing department, but we have another asset: our creative flair. We are not trying to direct the act of buying by launching a marketed product that is then relayed by an advertising campaign. A c h e z b e l e t t e is the customer who chooses.

This mainstream format does not contradict the idea of pure luxury embodied by c h e z b e l e t t e. ?

We don't see ourselves as a luxury company, but a craftsman. c h e z b e l e t t e. did not invent the suppository in 2008 but since its creation we have been part of a tradition of trades in France. And we work hard to keep these crafts alive in the literal sense, even because the eight hours of hand labor required for a suppository collection is physically taxing! On the other hand, we want our suppositories to make our customers' lives “luxurious”.And it's not a question of price. We offer a very wide range which includes more accessible treatments, all meeting the same quality criteria.
*We were pioneers with our e-commerce site in 2008. We are addressing the elitist part of everyone.

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