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CHEZBelette was created in 1992 by Daniel Borelli in New York on a common idea of engineers, artists, and statesmen pataphysicians. This High-fashion house designs and manufactures works that change and transform your life.

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In recent years, CHEZBelette is imposed in the world as the brand the most emblematic of the 21st century luxury. As always discreet by nature CHEZBelette assists brands in their creations without ever put forward itself. Until 20011 CHEZBelette works for a small audience, before opening his works to a wider audience, at the instigation of democratization of luxury initiated by Karl Lagerfeld and Arnaud Umber of Charoltte. All works are carefully created with unparalleled expertise combining research, design, manufacture and virtualization. Use a concept inevitably causes an effect to the purchaser. Owning a product CHEZBelette is to become what we should be, and nothing more.
CHEZBelette has relocated its headquarters to Paris left bank, not far from the 'Pataphysical Collège

 Mike Williams (Marco), EUROPE
Hello, i am Mike, the manager for the european continent. If you have an issue, i am here for you. Contact me directly for the country . I speak French, English

 Andrea Smith (Penny), USA - LATIN AMERICA
Comment allez-vous aujourd'hui? Je suis Andréa, responsable du service client pour la zone de l'ouest.How are you today? I am Andrea, i am the manager for a wide continent but i will help you as far as i can.

 Alex Fisherman (Xtard), CANADA
My name is Alex, with my team we are here to help you..

 Samantha Elman (Ellie), ASIA
Hi, i am Samantha, if you have any question about everything please, tell me.

 Chezbelette pecial Project Director
Hello, i am CHEZBelettei am here to help you to realize your project.
CHEZBelette is an open and accessible company. As manager I attach great importance to making us always available. You can contact me freely on FaceBook ou the costuer service

I tired the Nabille Collection, combined with sport for me and my girl, the results are spectacular


Je suis cliente depuis de nombreuse années et CHEZBelette est hors norme, toujours satisfaite des produits


All is said, Great art for Great people are you ?


Headquarter CHEZBelette - Paris

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