Body resistance

to transformation

We all naturally resist the transformation, the causes of which are genetic as well as psychological. This is what we treat body and mind for.

Your final score can only be calculated after your first progress report. By completing your transformation project file, you help increase or decrease your score depending on your psycho-morphology.

Percentage of green customers : 70%

Whatever your profile, you have the same probability of reaching your goal with 87.7%

However, what will change in your treatment depending on your profile is your share of the work to be done. So for a red profile, laboratories are likely to ask you for a major change in your lifestyle and to recommend that you do not take a cure if you consider this change too difficult to implement.

A simple example, if your profile is red and you are a smoker, the laboratories will most certainly ask you to quit smoking. If your profile is green, smoking will not be an obstacle to reaching your goal, if your profile is orange, the labs can issue a simple recommendation to quit smoking.

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