c h e z b e l e t e creator of Form and Spirit

“Wearing a c h e z b e le t t e transformation is like wearing a tailor-made haute-couture dress.Like all haute-couture houses, our house relies on precision mechanics, and on the search for the beauty of the updated body.
To create Form, we use natural products from organic farming so as not to constrain the body artificially. The fragility of the products makes it an exceptional piece of work, which not everyone can wear. There are rules in the making.

Creating a Shape is based on two pillars. The search for an adapted, measurable and quantifiable biological response with a desired end result and the search for a Form in response to society.

Our researchers start by drawing the physical form of women, based on their statistics. Shape of the buttocks, size of the chest, length of the hair, everything is reviewed, to then work in the laboratory on the adapted biological response.
When we created the INFINITE buttocks shape, first in the United States, Canada and then in Europe, it was through careful analysis of socio-demographic data. We tested this fashion with celebrities, and the result was immediate. Ten years ago, a search on Google with the keywords "fat buttocks" only returned as result our collection. This is to give you the scale of the phenomenon.
In 2008 we estimated that 6.5 cm of additional volume was the benchmark. We have estimated it to be 7.8 cm since.

Our job is to create Forms to dress you up and set you free. "

The Spirit Form also accompanies the Body Form one does not go without the other.

Breakdown of the budget devoted to fitness research.

Physical science
Concepteur web 54%
Cognitive sciences

Search for a shape. The know-how of the house

To be a creator of Form is to be a creator of a single form. The one that is perfect, and that allows us to agree. This Form which allows you to assert yourself, to progress in the understanding of a world that has become smooth. Shape research mobilizes engineering, physical and chemical science and psychology at all stages of creation.

The artist's hand

It all starts with an artistic representation of Form. She takes into account the artist's work, and uses mediums such as painting, sculpture and robotic assistance in the treatment of the line.
These sketches of the Form are regularly exhibited during press conferences

Big data

Sans une analyse fine des données, permise par l'exploration de l'univers de données mis à disposition par Google, la main de l'artiste ne pourrait être franche. Lors de la recherche de la Forme, l'artiste utilise les études statistiques pour son ébauche. Ce sont ces études qui nourrissent la recherche de la Forme parfaite.

The creation of tools

The creation of the tools that allow the creation of the Form can only begin after the first two stages fully finalized. It is not uncommon to see back and forth between these different parts.

The tools are made available to personalities and private clients to enable them to wear the Frome c h e z b e l e t t e.

The final form

The tools make it possible to achieve the Form c h e z b e l e t e, true complete rhinoceritis. This Form truly known only by a handful of personalities is a great pride for c h e z b e l e t t e
Recently the General Public can use a number of tools to tend towards Form.

c h e z b e l e t t e