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Legs, buttocks, stress... Start by choosing the areas you want to deal with.
Whether you want to transform your body or your mind, c h e z b e l e t t e accompanies you throughout your treatment, until you reach your goal. (see results here)

You stop at any time, and resume when you want. You choose the precise areas to be transformed and we take care of the rest. You body and your mind will be improved systematically, naturally.

Body or mind? select the areas to be treated

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Once the areas to be treated well defined you are going to have to do a cure or a set of cures to achieve your goals. You can do several cures at the same time.
A cure can last up to 10 to 60 days depending on your project.
You will reach your goal with 87.7% measured success. The results are systematic and you always improve your situation.

Three steps to reach your goal

Three courses maximum, you stop when you have reached your goal. You switch to the higher dosage if necessary.

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