The essential steps of the cure to grow buttocks.

Celebrating the symbols dear to c h e z b e l e t t e and the exceptional know-how of the House, the suppositories complete and sublimate feminine elegance. Three essential steps.

c h e z b e l e t t e allows you to grow buttocks using natural products. Leader in transformation products, the house of c h e z b e l e t e cannot accomplish miracles without a well-done cure.
Before starting a cure, and committing yourself, ask yourself the question of whether you are ready to transform? Prefer to postpone your treatment if you are not determined to gain buttocks volume, at the risk of not having the sufficient motivation necessary to go to the end.

You will be supported until you reach your goal, but that's not all.
You get certain results, but we want to support you beyond that, in terms of volume, shape and beauty well-being. You achieve a success close to 81% in three successively well done cures, only.
Since 2008 the house c h e z b e le t t e has been supporting personalities, and with them, we have created the current forms. What we offer in tailor-made can be duplicated in ready-to-wear.

However, teamwork is essential for quick results.

When you start a cure, three important steps are necessary. Without these steps, your cure is not complete and the results are limited, sometimes non-existent.

Step ine

First step, your dosage:
This step is valid for all cures. You must start with dosage 1 and follow the instructions you find online, accessible from the link provided in your leaflet.
During your first dosage do not change your eating habits in any way. Keep doing exactly what you used to do.

Step two

Second step, your progress report:
The report makes it possible to check the progress, and to put in place actions which make it possible to accelerate the results. This step is essential.
For large volumes, the laboratories will adjust the dosage according to your morphology and your objective.

At the end of your dosage, an ambassador will make an appointment with you after consulting a file that you have previously completed.

Step three

Third step, triggering your volume:
The most important moment because it allows you to trigger the volume of your dosage and stabilize the volume over time.
The trigger is done after a progress report. It can represent 80% of your cure.
Without this step, the result will be limited sometimes nonexistent.
Sent free of charge after your assessment, and with the following dosage, you can still order it without taking an assessment (not recommended)

By respecting these steps, you guarantee an optimal result.
One of the frequent mistakes is to interrupt the process at the end of step 1, for lack of motivation, late results, or inability to continue due to a trip or change of profession.

c h e z b e l e t t e