Your transformation starts here

We will transform you naturally. We have created for you buttocks, breasts, legs, belly or face shapes that will allow you to feel good about your body. Each shape corresponds to a precise cure. Some are more difficult to obtain than others because your body may resist the change. We master each step of your transformation, starting with the choice aid, going through the analysis of your morphology and ending with the achievement of your goal.


Transformation_ Chevite _ 17


Longer and more resistant hair


Transformation_ Ventrite _ 54


Less belly without weight loss


Transformation_ Membrite _6


Gradually thinner arms


Transformation_ Vaginite _97


A resurrection of the vagina


Transformation rhinocérite _I60


Legs + Buttocks + hips + stomach + arms + face
What is a physical transformation?

A physical transformation induces a more or less important change in the body. c h e z b e l e t t e offers you the opportunity to transform yourself gradually, while being supervised by a team of professionals.

Is it complicated to do a cure?

We are not in the miracle products. It is very easy to cure, however you should be careful what we are likely to tell you. You must also do your cures correctly to maximize the chances of success.

Are the results systematic?

Yes, your body has no choice but to transform because the action on your body is mechanical. On the other hand we have set the bar much higher than a simple result, for us the challenge is to lead you to your own goal in terms of volume and shape.

How to choose your cure?

We recommend that you seek help from an advisor using the chat service, or by whatsapp or by contacting customer service at +331 79 75 07 75. You can also come see us in Paris at 77 rue Amelot . (See covid restriction and reservation)

How to do a cure

You must first choose a cure that matches your goal. No more, no less, because you will be limited to three cures at most. After having selected your cure, you will have to follow 3 steps. The first is to do your cure correctly. The second is to take stock of your progress, and the third most important is to trigger your final form.

Can I do several cures at the same time?

Yes, it is even better to do the cures together for the sake of harmony.

Should I change my diet during the treatment?

When you start a cure, do not change your diet in any way. However, it is possible that the laboratories may ask you to do so depending on your results. This is studied during your progress assessment, which is to be done at the end of each dosage.

How long does a cure last?

A cure lasts between 10 to 20 days depending on your cure. You can only do a maximum of three cures.

I am sick, can I take a cure?

Yes, you can take a cure while you are sick, however we recommend that you opt for tailor-made solutions.

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