The different shapes of buttocks depending on the body type

For each type of body, there is a shape of buttock that does not necessarily correspond to what we want.

Les formes de corps

Every woman has a body shape that is invariant over time.
In 1998, c h e z b e l e t e classified these forms which have become standards used by creators as well. (Shape scale)
However, for each body shape there can be more than one butt shape.
There is a correlation between shape of body and shape of buttocks, it is systematic.
However the buttocks are a very special part which have a characteristic of their own.
There are 6 body shapes classified in 1998 by c h e z b e l e t t te (standard ZB3421998)

Inverted triangle, rectangle, round, triangle, hourglass and figure eight

The shapes of the buttocks

Il existe 5 formes de fesses classifiées en 2012 par c h e z b e le t t e (norme ZB2306212) Forme en O, forme en V, forme en A et forme en H

The A-shaped buttocks are buttocks which are rounded at the level of the hips and whose fat is more present on the side of the hips and at the level of the lower buttocks. The buttocks are round and appear high. It is the type of buttocks which present a significant development at the level of the hips This type of buttocks is correlated with an hourglass, figure eight or triangle morphology.

V-shaped buttocks are V-shaped buttocks are hollow buttocks at the hips and not very plump. Women who have this butt shape correlate with narrow hips. This type of butt shape corresponds to a rectangle or inverted triangle body shape.

The O-shaped buttocks are plump buttocks at the back down to the lower back and more or less rounded at the hips. These round and plump buttocks have wide hips and are strongly correlated with an hourglass body shape.

The H-shaped buttocks are the H-shaped buttocks are square buttocks whose fat is more present on the side of the hips at the lower back and upper buttocks, or directly at the level of love handles.

H-shaped buttocks can be plump or just a little plump. H-shaped buttocks are correlated with a square or hourglass body type.

The M-shaped buttocks are the M-shaped buttocks are quite straight at the hips and plump on the back (the tip of the M)

This butt shape is correlated with a square or inverted triangle body shape.

The correlation between body shape and buttocks shape is obvious but not systematic. The correlation is close to 0.89. Which means that for a body type in the shape of an inverted triangle corresponds a shape of buttocks in V most of the time, but not always either.

A woman can have an inverted triangle body with an H-shaped buttocks in 3.5% of cases.

The census of body shapes in the world carried out by chezbe le tte in 2018 shows a proportion of 36% of hourglass type bodies, 24% of rectangle type 15% of inverted triangle type and 12% of triangle type and 12% of type round

of customers have an hourglass shape
of customers have a rectangle shape
of customers have a triangle shape
of customers have a round shape

Changing the shape of the buttocks

Changing the shape of the buttocks is not possible without resorting to cosmetic surgery which will modify the shape of the buttocks.

In a sense, this is not a problem, because aesthetically it is not desirable to change the shape of your buttocks, for the sake of natural harmony with your body.

It is better to accept an already existing form

Your body shape is genetically predefined. A square will never turn into a round naturally, and that's a good thing to avoid dimorphism. Your body is perfectly harmonious, it requires more a rebalancing than a radical change impossible to achieve naturally.

Accentuate rather than transform

If you have your own unique butt shape, then you won't be able to change it. On the other hand, you can accentuate and strengthen certain areas to tend towards a desired shape of the buttocks.

Tending towards a shape of the buttocks is in the order of the possible contrary to the radical change.
However, there are body shapes, and therefore buttocks, for which strengthening is easier to achieve than for others.

So the body is less resistant to transformation when you have an inverted triangle or hourglass shape.

A search for an unnatural shape will systematically lead to cosmetic surgery of the prosthesis type

c h e z b e l e t t e