c h e z b e l t t e. Paris.

C h e z e e t e was created in 2012 in Paris.

Initially totally private and inaccessible to the general public, its core business is the creation of products and service transformation.

The company gradually opened to the general public in 2015 at the request of personalities.

c h e z b e l t t e was created by GRÉGOIRE FALQUE under the inspiration of Karl Lagerfeld and Colette, with a strong desire to transform the lives of its customers by offering exceptional products and services that meet the concerns of the moment in a society in transition. He runs the company as a shipper.

C h e z e e t e has delivered more than 10,000 customers around the world, mainly to France, the United States, Canada, Belgium and Switzerland.

it is inked in reality, rather than in virtuality. Its development on social networks is controlled and is not a priority. However, she has a FACEBOOK account and INSTAGRAM account and TWITTER

C h e z e e t at its head office at 11 avenue des Gobelins 75005 Paris. His research laboratory is located at 1475 Paslaz Road 74440 Praz de Lys. His formulation laboratory at Chateau Mas Rouge 30300 Jonquiere Saint Vincent

 Order a product and service c h e z b e l t t e.

Before you have to create a CLIENT ACCOUNT. Determine your transformation goal and the help you need to achieve it. A team can answer your question by chat, or by WhatsApp or SMS MESSAGES.

Once your cure is determined, add the product to your basket. An amount corresponds to a cure. You will be limited to a maximum of three quantities.
Complete the form and choose your method of payment. The site is secure https and 3D secure.
You receive your invoice and the confirmation of your order by e-mail.

 Receive a product and service c h e z b e l t t e.

Each product is made to order. This constraint is linked to the use of natural products (from organic farming) Which means that your product will be manufactured in the South of France or in the East of France depending on the product and service.

We apply high and very strict standards to the manufacture of products and services.

Doing a cure or using a service is a new type of luxury.

Follow-up c h e z b e l t t e.

 c h e z e e t e is very close to customers. We are available by phone at 09 70 26 87 79 also by chat or MESSAGES and respond to your concerns as soon as possible.

A Progress Report is proposed at the end of each cure step. This allows you to adjust your dosage, your service according to variables communicated

The results c h e z b e l t t e.

c h e z b e l t t e provides customers with outstanding products and services. 81% of our clients achieve their transformation goals in only three courses. Results are systematic. However, RECOMMENDATIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED.