Trigger its volume - the final step of your current dosage

You want to grow buttocks or lose belly, the release of your volume concerns you.

When you do a cure c h e z b e l e t e. there are three important moments. By respecting them you will reach your goal faster.

The first starts with the dosage you receive. You will be using natural products, and your transformation will also be natural. Your body will not be constrained, as it can be when you use chemicals. That's why we're going to need you, like teamwork.

First, we will ask you to do your treatment optimally, nothing more.

In a second step, we will ask you to carry out an assessment, which allows the laboratories to follow your transformation.

Thirdly, we will ask you to trigger your volume. Without triggering your cure is not complete. The trigger allows you to stabilize your volume over time without risk of losing it but also significantly increases your volume.

Trigger its volume

What is a trigger?
It is a small, custom-made suppository.
What is a trigger for?
It is used to finish a dosage in progress to gain volume and stabilize your transformation over time so as not to lose the volume acquired.
Is it important to take it?
Yes. Not taking it is like not taking a cure.
Is it compulsory?
Yes it is mandatory. It is part of the cure. This is the third step in reaching your goal. By making a report it will be sent to you automatically with your higher dosage.
If you haven't done a checkup, you can always order it in addition to your dosage.
Does it apply to all collections?
Yes, it concerns all collections
What happens if I don't take a trigger?
You lose the acquired volume and you decrease your volume on your current dosage
Should I take a trigger if I have reached my goal?
Yes. In all cases, you must always end your dosage with a trigger because it will act retroactively.
What will a trigger do?
It will trigger the final volume of your treatment by more than 9%. So if you have taken 3cm of volume it will increase your volume by 0.27 mm minimum. Sometimes it can even unlock a volume.
Why is the trigger not provided directly in the treatment?
The trigger is tailor-made. Laboratories cannot know in advance how your cure was done.
Can I order a trigger?
Yes. It is supplied automatically in your higher dosage.
If you do not renew your dosage, you can order it alone, to complete your dosage.
Should I do a checkup first?
We will always recommend that you take stock.
However, if you do not want to take stock you can still use the trigger.