Le Délesteur has designed "to sleep" so you can hire a sleeper for your place. You can now receive the art picture of the moment.
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    Le Délesteur has designed to sleep so you can hire a sleeper for your place. Ideal on the move as at home for your daily use.

     You select the country where your sleeper is.
     Your sleeper is warned within two minutes of your need
     Your sleeper rests in your place in a cool and calm room


    "It's crazy and we feel rested, bravo " baptizes

    "I have my sleeper in the United States and it amuses me a lot " Anonymous

    "I received my certificate, everything is perfect thanks " Louise Arabal

    Sleeping is a masterful work created by Le Délesteur
    Under its apparent simplicity this service allows you to hire a sleeper in your place if you do not have time to sleep.

    USE :
    Sleep is to be used when you want but not to exceed 24 hours per day.
    Ideal when you want to shine in a meeting by your presence while resting.

    A man sleeps in your place.
    You receive the video of the moment as well as the certificate of the work.


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    Dormir debout

    Si mon délesteur pouvait s'allonger, je dormirais mieux. J'ai l'impression qu'il se déleste sur moi.