Ecological Transportation audio headset.


    Restore intense feelings of pleasure and submersion thanks to this ecological transportation headset.


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    ChezBelette company has struck again.
    This amazing audio headset is not only pretty, it beautifully reproduces the sound produced while reducing the energy consumption used by so-called public transportation vehicles.
    Thanks to this headset, ChezBelette diminishes your interpersonal zone, bringing it down by 40 to 11 centimeters, thereby winning your trust. Your neighbour therefore becomes a person closer to you. Which makes it possible to fit more people in one wagon, while increasing the general pleasure and confidence.
    Its lightness surprises, it weighs less than 1kg.
    Reserved for professionals. ChezBelette reserves it to private individuals.

    On the most crowded subway line, in regional express trains on holidays, in any bus.

    Weight: 567g
    Sound: yes


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