Portable Communion Receiver Transmitter


    Commune with your God in all simplicity.

    As a technological product, you discreetly slip your receiver transmitter under your tongue.

    Refill after each use.


    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit

    Perfectly round, of fine and light texture, this luxurious receiver transmitter will enable you to get in contact with those who were dear to you.
    Its shape was created by the ChezBelette labs so as to be easily carried and pleasant to bring to the mouth. Benefiting from the technological advances of the future, the miniaturization of this device reaches its limits.

    All is thought out to give you a good listening and a good reception very discreetly, without bothering the people around you, while fully using your brain power.

    This receiver transmitter is brought to the mouth, put on the tongue or under the tongue to insure the best possible transmission.
    You can use it in worship buildings, as well as at home or in the road.
    You benefit of the ChezBelette network, which covers you wherever you may be.
    It is however compulsory to formulate a transmission authorization to open your line.
    Works with refills (each refill sold has been previously blessed).

    Dimensions : Diameter 200mm
    Materials : polycarbonate monohull.
    Autonomy: 12 hours (according to environment and disturbances)


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