Evolution Burqa


    Protect yourself from high band low frequencies thanks to an elegant piece of clothing. (Relay antennas, mobile phones, Wifi  network, relay antennas, energy saving lightbulbs)


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    There is a particular moment in the life of an object, at which beauty meets technique. This evolution burqa is the living proof of this.
    Its cut, specially the protection cap and the anti waves veil, you are the one who chooses the way you want to wear it.

    During the service, inside or outside you will never part from it again.
    Worn in a simple manner, without the cap or the veil, with visible hands, or for an optimal protection, with the cap, the veil, and the hands put inside against High and Low voltage waves.
    The protection veil burqa is also used by servicemen.

    Attenuation efficiency: Protection against high frequency electric fields: 35dB to 1GHz attenuation
    Materials: 68% cotton, 16% polyester, 16% metallic fibers for the interior face. 100% cotton inside.
    Standard length : S,M,L,XL
    Approximate weight: 190g/m²
    Standard : MIL-STD 285. NSA 65-6


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