Evolution Tracker Jacket


    CHEZBelette has conceived this urban jacket, ideal for wearing in business districts.  


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    CHEZBelette’s great star, the tracker jacket is of a rare beauty. Its perfect cut imitates the splendor of the trees and the bird’s singing.
    The wide right-hand pocket allows you to put away all the indispensable accessories for Human survival in extreme conditions, and in its left-hand pocket you can put away all the necessary accessories for exterminating the hunted species.
    The frontal closure system  has been specially conceived to button your jacket with one hand only.
    The isothermal materials insure an optimal protection against the cold in the summer and against the heat in the winter.
    Its wide hood, waterproof inside, will keep you covered in case of bad weather or questioning.

    Along the rivers during salmon migration, at the Defence when the Dow Jones goes down, in the woods during a boar race, the Evolution tracker jacket will fill you with happiness.

    Dimensions : S, M, XL
    Materials : cottons, carbon fibers.


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