You created a BEECH living by a simple click, and we congratulate you on it. The birth it perfectly well passed, and your child is inclined to meet you.


    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit

    Laboratories chezbelette created for you BEECH, a quite unique system which allows you to give birth(rise) to a being by a simple clicks.

    BEECH is a work of unique(only) art which allows to solve all the problems of infertility. Of simple one clique(pipe band) you give birth to a BEECH which you go to be able to love, feed, see growing(growing up) in all simplicity.

    To leave for peaceful holidays, in the beach(range), or in the mountain. BEECH fills a space without filling(performing) him(it).

    Epoxy resin and natural beech. Every created BEECH possesses its born bracelet. You become responsible for the BEECH which you create.
    Created by Greem Feld for CHEZBelette


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