I Am Your Friend


    True sincere friend, always there for you.
    Acquire a friend to help you in all your hard times.
    Ask him anything.


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    Created by Chezbelette labs, the Facebook friend is the must-have product of the year.
    A true digest of social technology, the Facebook friend is always there for you. He congratulates you, encourages you, loves you, protects you and highlights you and helps you to carry out your craziest projects.

    Are you starting your business?
    Have you just cheated on your wife?
    Are you lacking self-confidence?
    Have you got no friends?
    Do you wish to highlight yourself compared to others?

    Are you opening an internet site? Your Facebook friend will help you out.

    - Your new friend is subcontracted in Europe by high-level qualified people.

    - When you buy your Facebook friend it acts in the social networks you chose.

    - You have nothing to do.

    - Nobody knows the true identity of your Facebook friend except for you.

    - Your Facebook friend is unique and is yours.

    - Your Facebook friend is managed by a woman if you chose a woman.

    - Your Facebook friend is managed by a man if you chose a man.

    Buy your friend from your house, online to help you in everyday life.

    The facebook friend intervenes for you and with you discreetly until you reach your aim.

    Virtual and very real friend.


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