I drink for you


    CHEZBelette  has designed Pataboire to allow you to commit a drinker in your place. Ideal for travel at home for your daily use, or when watered evenings.


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    Pataboire is a masterpiece created by the CHEZBelette laboratories.
    Its seeming simplicity this service allows you to engage a drinker for you if you do not have time to drink.

    Pataboire be used when you wish without exceeding 3 drinks a day.
    Ideal when you want to shine in a meeting with your presence while resting.

    A man drinks for you.
    You receive the video of the moment and the work's certificate.
    Feld created by Greem for CHEZBelette

     You select the country or are your drinker.
     Your drinker warned within two minutes of your need
     Your box drinker in your place in a cool and quiet room


    "It's crazy and then they can drink and drive, bravo" Jerome

    "I have my Etas drinker with United and it amuses me" Anonymous

      "I received my certificate, everything is perfect thank you" Valerie Morelle


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