Ilphone 6S


    llphone 6S is the latest social telephone conceived by ChezBelette.


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    Do you want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow? The state of the traffic? The time?
    We don’t need to present the iLPhone anymore, the new means of communication which enables you to go beyond the limits of imagination.
    With its feather weight of less than 5 grams, the iLPhone 5 prolongs your thought.
    You can ask it anything.
    This revolutionary phone is only voice controlled. No need for a keyboard anymore.

    Inside or outside, the iLPhone 5 adapts to all linguistic networks.
    It functions in a childishly simple way. Ask any information to your neighbour holder of a smart phone and register the result on your iLPhone 5 thanks to your application stylus.

    Dimensions: A5
    Weight: 5g
    Control: vocal


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