Is This Serious?


    You have committed a crime?
    Have the seriousness of your act evaluated by an expert counsel.


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    You are not proud of what you have just done? Don’t worry,  CHEZBelette has created “Is This Serious ?” for you, to help you put your sins into perspective.
    With already many thousand sins listed, the commission in charge of judging you uses acknowledged facts as its basis.
    Discover the commissions’ professionalism, follow the pieces of advice, and start a new life.

    For yourself, or to offer the person who has been offended, or to defend yourself in front of a court, “Is This Serious?” will allow you to start off on the right foot.
    Declare your coming or past sin online, and receive the commission’s report, as well as the weight attributed to the seriousness of your sin.
    New: you can now recycle your crime into a natural stone.

    Commission report in video or paper forms.


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