Pantalon de Jean


    John’s trousers are the 21st century most emblematic clothing item.
    These trousers have been worn by the greatest figures of the 18th century.
    Such as Rockport’s mayor in 1820.


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    Never out of date, this cut already existed in 1901.
    John’s trousers have deep pockets in which you can slip all your personal belongings.
    100% cotton, you can wash them by hand but also in the washing-machine.
    Their cut will not leave your legs unconcerned, they will find pleasure slipping into them.
    With its nice coat, its color will know how to show you to your advantage in all situations.

    In town or in the countryside, John’s trousers is the piece of clothing which is always in style.
    To be worn going out of church, or at a club, you will hereafter only wear one.

    Dimensions : Medium, Large, X large
    Materials :100% cotton and organic wine tint


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