Light a Praying Candle


    Light a real candle in a church, a mosque or a temple.
    Our operators are available at the opening times of holy places, so that you can commune as soon as possible.
    You also receive you video of the candle specially lit for you.


    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit

    Chezbelette labs offer you one of the most revolutionary products of the time.
    “I’m Lighting a Candle” will allow you to commune with those you love.
    This product of high human valor will bring you comfort, peacefulness and a true feeling of well-being.

    From your house, or at the office, at friends’ houses  or even on holiday, your candle is lit in a church, a mosque or a temple by a professional.
    We light a candle for you which will burn in a holy place.
    Then you receive the video of your candle that has been lit for you.

    Dimensions : infinite
    Materials : candle, video
    Remarks : each video is created for the circumstance.


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