The institute ' CHEZBelette designed for you Buy Do Nothing for you to do so in sécurté



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     You only pay the Box , there is no subscription .
     You get a high-speed network.
     Your box regularly uses the latest updates , you have nothing to do.


    "It will do good to introduce a little competition " Jerome

     " From one side it is rather poetic . You plug the Internet and nothing happens , like internet" K200

     " That's what revolutionize the cottages , I am for the Internet 100% " Valley Katia

    The internet is a box that allows you to access the Internet safely and enjoying broadband . Simply connect your box to the electrical network to access the Internet. Connect the Internet as easily as a vacuum cleaner and voila .

    USE :
    When you want to pause, isolating you from all technologies and breathe. Internet is ideal for families to share and exchange while having fun . It will allow you to access a universe that you do not even suspect

    Box with access check diodes and electrical connection of single outlet.
    Feld created by Artiste CHEZBelette


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