Make Him Do It - Mopping


    A man passes the mop when you ask it to do so.


    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit

    Get your unique work in a USB stick.

     Get an original work of video art
      Let a man do what you naturally do
    Spend a magical moment in your life

    "Yes, finally a recognition What a pleasure to work a man -! Sylviane Juillot"

    "If only it was like that in real life - Angélique Tallérand"

    "The idea is very attractive, I do ... when I want - Lise Trisse"


    Simply sublime, this product brings us women an excitement and a feeling of superiority worthy of the greatest Machos.
    “Make Him Do It” allows you to control a man’s life at the moment you desire, without any further ado.
    You decide, he does it.

    In society evenings, or on a cold lonely night, “Make Him Do It” is the ideal product to clear your mind.
    Write in the date and time you chose, and a man will comply without thinking, to mop where he stands.
    Receive the moment’s video.

    Moment’s video authenticated by date and time. Your unique copy.


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    Passer l'éponge

    Jusqu'à présent je passais l'éponge sur le passage de la serpillère. J'ai demander à ma compagne de la passer. Mais la machine d'aide à l'indécision la fait hésiter. J'attends une lettre d'excuse.