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    The CHEZBelette house in partnership with ART Trusted ™, allows you to certify your artwork and gain notoriety.
    A quantity = 1 applies for certification of a single work


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    ARTTrusted became the label of reference in the field of art and allows collectors and artists a more reliable market. A ARTrusted artwork is for the collector to acquire a certain work of art, and for the artist  the certainty of a significant increase in its revenues and reputation.

      You submit a photo of your work.
      Your work is published in the art of code and the site Artrusted
      You receive the seal certifying that your work is a work of art 

    That's something interesting for artists. I received just before the seals my exhibition I hung my paintings, it reassures the experts

    ARTTrusted is a recognized certification that allows to certify a work as a work of art. You place the  your film work, scenic, photo of your sculpture, your table and you receive the seal certifying that your work is a work of art, after review by a panel of experts affiliated with ARTrusted.

    USE :
    To increase the recognition of artists and reliability of works of art, the ARTrusted seal is the only certification recognized by the state. After downloading the picture of your work, it is subject to review. You receive an electronic seal for each of your works, to be displayed on your website, as well as the labels to stick to the bottom of the work during exhibitions. Collectors can check at any time the artistic authenticity of the work.

    Electronic seal certifying the authenticity (instruction received by mail)
    Aposer label to the bottom of your work (receiving mail)


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