Seduction Monocle


    Irresistible, the seduction monocle is the prime accessory of modern man.
    To be worn around the neck or immediately over the eye.  


    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit

    A Must by CHEZBelette, the seduction monocle is the indispensable instrument to gain in self assurance and in power of seduction.
    This monocle of seduction has an offbeat style in a time where glasses reign supreme, and therefore attracts the eye.

    USE :
    During a business lunch, to give a serious note to the meal, or at a party with friends to impress the ladies.
    Wear it day and night, and women will be at your feet.
    To be worn around the neck or over the eye.

    Dimensions : standards
    Materials : polarizing glass, steel quality.


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