Muscular cream


Muscular cream to cool the brain down.


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Muscular cream to cool the brain down.

 Creamy gel to quickly penetrate the skin
Cold effect to cool tensions
 Transformation in the medium term.

"Even if I do not use my brain, this cream turned me slowly on all parts of the body or I applied" Matzou

"Muscle? There is the name as it became my night cream! Trying emergency" Fatima

This portable handle is a major evolution in the way one interacts with its environment.
Thanks to this candle, you no longer have to shake hands with strangers, or with your friends.
Tedious chores of hand shaking or opening doors are over, this handle will handle everything.
Thanks to its incredibly comfortable medical steel handle, you will be able to master your gestures perfectly.

Afraid of the germs living on door handles? You are never the one to open a metro door first? This handle is made for you. As it is small, you can slide it into your pocket. Use it to start the door opening mechanism (handle, opening button).

You can also keep it in your hand, which will allow you to use as an excuse an incapacity to shake hands so as to avoid any contact.

Dimensions : L30
Weight : 180g
Materials : medical steel

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